Hybrid Name: Stephen Hawking Kush

Lineage:  Harlitsu (20:1 CBD) (Harliquin x Sour Tsunami) x Sin City Kush (Las Vegas Purple Kush x Snowdawg BX)

Flowering Time:  7-8 weeks

Indica/Sativa %:  70/30

Availability:  Regular production


Description:  Stephen Hawking Kush is the second release in Alphakronik Genes "Great Minds" series, named after famed physicist, Dr. Stephen Hawking.  It is also the first offering of what has been called our CBD+ line. A collection of hybrids bred to enhance the Cannabidiol levels of the plant.  Starting off with the true stud, Sin City Kush, to create what has become known as SHK.  There are three specific phenotypes in this hybrid, one that is just like mom, tall and strechy, with heavier yields and a higher CBD content.  The second is more of a hybrid between the two, that has great coloration from a range of hues during the harvest window, and also has a 5:1 CBD level.  The third is the "Father's Daughter", which is a smaller, more pinetree shaped, purple plant.  SHK has a vibrant cherry and berry flavor, with a slight hint of mint on the pallete.  Extracts increase the mint/menthol flavor, often being described as "Cherry Ludens" with a berry finish.


SHK has been known to aid in the treatment of muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, ADD, anxiety, muscular sclerosis, auto-immune disorders, nausea, and generalized pain symtoms.


This plant likes to grow extra tall with strong branching and large fan leaves.  The plant likes to be trained and topped constantly in veg, and prefers extra room for root growth during the first few weeks of the flower period.  Also, top the day it goes to flower to increase yield by upwards of 20%.

Stephen Hawking Kush