Name: Sourdough Cupcake

Lineage: Chemdog 91 x Alphakronik (Chemdog D x (Chemdog D x Chemdog BX)

Days: 78 flower

I/S Ratio: Sativa Dominant


Growth: Tall and Lanky, heavy flowers tht weigh the branches down. Needs extra care and attentiono the first three weeks of flower as it is easy to nute lock her with too many nutrients.


Description: Sourdough, named for the musty and sour bread is just how this hybrid tastes. Sour notes in the back, strong onion, fuel, and chemical cleaner in the front. Heavy yields of OG/Sour/Chem flavors and aromas, it is loved by all that have tried it, and is sure to please anyone who grows it!


Bred and tested over a 3 year span, this cultivar will drop even the most veteran smoker.  


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Sourdough Cupcake(Chemdog 91 x Alphakronik)