Alphakronik Genes Skittleberry (Bruce Banner #5 x Snowdawg BX)


Hybrid Name: Skittleberry

Lineage: Bruce Banner #5 x Snowdawg BX

Flowering Time:  65-70 days

Indica/Sativa %: 40/60

Series:  Limited Edition

THC: 23-28%

CBD: 0-1%


Description:  Skittleberry gets its name from its sweet and fruity, Skittle like flavor and aroma along with its rainbow of colors when it is within its harvest window.  As the final collaboration using the Bruce Banner #5 cutting from Darkhorse Genetics, Alpharkronik released a three year project to show what they could do in creating an even sweeter and more berry flavored hybrid to the masses than its little sister, Tillamook Strawberry. Yields range from 2.5lb – 3.0lb/sq meter/1k.

Skittleberry (Bruce Banner #5 by Darkhorse Genetics x Snowdawg BX) 10 Seeds