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Alphakronik Genes - Scrumpdiddlyumptious (Snozzberry x Gobbstopper)

Hybrid Name: Scrumpdiddlyumptious

Lineage: Exodus:  Snozzberry x Gobbstopper

Flowering Time:  55-60

Indica/Sativa %: 95/5

Release Date:  2-1-16

Series:  Wonka Series

THC: 22-26%


Description:   Scrumpdiddlyumptious is the third and final offering in Alphakronik Genes’ famed Wonka Series.  Known for insane color fades as well as  sweet berry and jasmine flavors, the Wonka Series of cannabis hybrids has become the most popular Purple Urkle based seed series in Cannnabis history.  Growers from around the world begged for us to release more Snozzberry and Gobbstopper seeds to the masses, but time and new projects always took precedent.  Now, after two years of phenotype searching, we’ve answered those calls with what we think is superior to both parental lines, Scrumpdiddlyumptious.  You can expect vivid purples and pinks speckled by blues and yellow coloration patterns from flowers that are perfumed by a range of terpenes that linger on the palette long after smelling or tasting.

Scrumpdiddlyumptious (Snozzberry x Gobbstopper) 10 Seeds