Alphakronik Genes PuppyMonkeyBaby(GG#4 x Snowdawg BX)


Hybrid Name: Puppymonkeybaby

Lineage: GG#4 x Snowdawg BX

Flowering Time:  65-70 days

Indica/Sativa %: 60/40

Series:  Limited Edition

THC: 24-30%

CBD: 0-1%


Description:  Alphakronik Genes started the Puppymonkeybaby project by making the initial stock of seeds in 2015.  It would take a full 2 years before the testing would complete, making available what AKG now refer to as their best extract making cultivar to date. Thick flavors of berries and Skittles coat the palette while the Thiols from the GG#4 come through to punch you in the sinuses and tickle the nostrils. Expect heavy yields of sweet and skunky flowers.

Puppymonkeybaby (GG#4 x Snowdawg BX) 10 Seeds


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