Name: Kickapoo Kush

Release Date: 2/8/19

Indica/Sativa Ratio: 90/10

THC: 27%+

Photoperiod: 8 Weeks

Feminized: No

Auto-Flower: No

Cloneable: Yes


Description: Kickapoo Kush, named after the indigineous Kickapoo People of N. America is a hearty Afghani plant that grows proficiently in both very cold and very warm temperatures. It has large, wide fan leaves that work as perfect protective shaders during the day, ensuring that the pine cone shaped colas and golf ball mid flowers will be safe from overly hot and dry days of sun late in the summer and work very good at protecting the flowers from early morning frost as blankets.


Kickapoo Kush features flowers stacked heavily in trichomes, perfect for making "beach sand" ice water extracted hash and dry sift separations. Strong, Earthy aromas and coffee notes penetrate the air upon lighting, with sweet yet subtle flavors dance across the tongue ending in a lilac floral note that is sure to please.

Kickapoo Kush (Pre-98 Bubba Kush x Exotic Genetiks' Kimbo Kush)