Hybrid Name: High Roller

Lineage: Exodus: Alphakronik (Chem D x Dawgfather OG)) x Sin City Kush

Flowering Time: 60-65 days

Series: Sin City Kush Series

Flavor: Candy, Skunk, Spice, Earth, Leather

THC: 25%+


Description: High Roller - named after the biggest players in Sin City - was bred using a unique Alphakronik female plant (versus the male Alphakronik normally used by AKG in breeding) and their award winning Sin City Kush male. The unique traits of each of these plants shine through in spades, often winding up being the betting favorites when comparing them to the parental lineage. High Roller is seen as “the whale” in the Sin City Kush series, being a hybrid that looks to take down the house in any garden she is grown in.


Growers can expect mid-height, tightly packed flowers that turn beautiful shades of pink and purple later in flower and more extremely if grown in lower temperatures. Better than average yields of super sticky flowers that produce some of the best ice water hashish we've ever tasted. Highly recommended for those who grow for extraction.

High Roller (Alphakronik x Sin City Kush)