Hybrid Name: Gan

Lineage: Exodus: Alien Rock Candy (Kindlove Cut) x Sin City Kush

Flowering Time: 60-65

Series: The Beams Series

Aroma: Kush, Earth, Baking Spices, Leather

THC: 25%+


Description: In Stephen King’s mythology, Gan is the greatest deity of them all, creating every universe, including the universe all of the books take place, the universe where King writes those stories, and the universe in which we read them. King himself is a player in Gan’s scheme to tell the story of the Gunslinger in 'The Dark Tower' books.


Alphakronik Genetics Gan brings forth a mind and body high that makes one feel as if they are floating freely between the physical and the non-physical planes. Extreme relaxation is the main effect from using Gan. It makes relieves pressure behind the eyes, alleviates the effects of Migraine headaches, and can make users feel as if they are melting in to the chair they are sitting in.


Growers can expect large, golf-balled shaped flowers that stack trichome upon trichome. Harvesting early produces less of a body high, while harvesting past the peak harvest window produces a more couch-lock type high.


Gan (Alien Rock Candy x Sin City Kush