Hybrid Name: Galactic Glue

Lineage: Exodus: GG4 x Gobbstopper

Flowering Time: 55-65 Days

Indica/Sativa %: 50/50

Release Date: 7-1-15

Series: Limited Edition

Aroma: Gas, ,Grape, Rose, Lilac, Jasmine, Skunk, Garlic

Flavor: Same as aroma

THC: 24.2

CBD: .07


Description: Galactic glue started out as a project to see how well Gorilla Glue is as breeding stock. Once in house testing was finished, we decided to cross it with our stud Gobbstopper in order to see how it would accept traits such as a bit of sweetness and some grapey flavors to go with the thiols (secondary flavonoids to terpenes, responsible for stink, fuel, garlic, ect aromas) that the GG#4 was known for. The result started out wonderfully, and we had such response from testers, that we decided to release it to the retail market for all growers to grow. Expect heavier yields of fuel flavored super fire that has a hint of grape on the finish.


Galactic Glue has been tested and has been shown to work well for the treatment of side effects from: Pain, Insomnia, glaucoma, migraines, PTSD, Crohn’s Disease, MS, MD, and depression.


Grow Tip: This hybrid is great for SCROG applications and will produce heavy yields if the flowers are supported throught he flowering process.


Galactic Glue (GG4 x Gobbstopper)