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Hybrid Name: Force Pain Control (Harlitsu BX1)

Lineage: Exodus: Harlitsu x Stephen Hawking Kush

Flowering Time: 65-70

Release Date: 12-17-15

Series: The Force Series

CBD: 16-22%

THC: .5-3%


Description: The Force Series by Alphakronik Genes was designed to promote healing with a clear mind. 12 hybrids were created for testing, 5 of which Alphakronik Genes found unique and worthy of warranting a release, and chose to name them after the Light Side of the Force, which was used to heal and preserve life. All 5 features traits unique to mom along with some extra CBD from the Stephen Hawking Kush chosen to sire the series.


Force Pain Control is a project that Alphakronik Genes been planning for over two years now. For too long, Harlitsu has been unobtainable by the masses other than overpaying for clones of clones, so we wanted to offer our take on the already legendary hybrid at a reasonable price. This has the traditional Cherry Cough medicine taste that has become synonymous with high CBD strains along with a taller, more sativa structure. Buds grow in long, conical spears that glisten in light due to a heavy trichome coverage, and will leave anything they touch sticky with the CBD laden resins. This hybrid is a fantastic way to get a very heavy CBD ratio in a flavorful flower that packs a heavy punch and has more bag appeal than any other CBD hybrid we’ve seen. This hybrid is makes the best CBD extracts of any of the AKG CBD+ lines available today.

Force Pain Control (Harlitsu x Stephen Hawking Kush) 10 Seeds