Lineage: Exodus:  Purple Urkle x Stephen Hawking Kush

Flowering Time:  60-65

Release Date:  12-17-15

Series:  The Force Series

CBD: 8-9%

THC: 12-14%

Description:   The Force Series by Alphakronik Genes was designed to promote healing with a clear mind.  12 hybrids were created for testing, 5 of which Alphakronik Genes found unique and worthy of warranting a release, and chose to name them after the Light Side of the Force, which was used to heal and preserve life.  All 5 features traits unique to mom along with some extra CBD from the Stephen Hawking Kush chosen to sire the series.


Force Empathy was chosen based on its luscious flavor profile, its somewhat squat and sturdy structure, and its hues of pink and purple that come in during the flowering cycle.  Growers can expect a strong branched and study plant that doesn’t stretch much, keeping a very bushy profile thick with foliage.  Constant pruning of spare fan leaves is recommended to maintain good light penetration to lower flowers.  The famous Purple Urkle flavor of lavender and honey come through with a slight berry/cherry finish that is found in the Stephen Hawking Kush.  If you are looking for a CBD hybrid with vigor and Starkiller Base shattering flavor, Force Empathy is perfect for you.

Force Empathy (10 Seeds)