Hybrid Name: Donugs

Lineage: Blue Magoo x Alphakronik (Dogbud “Chem D” x Dawgfather)

Collection: La Patisserie Serie

Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks

Release Date: Feb. 2019

CBD: 0%

THC: 24-28%

Yield: Med-Large

Feminized: No

Auto-Flower: No

Cloneable: Yes


Description: Donugs was the name given to this unique Alphakronik Genetics cultivar due to it's inherent glazed donut-like sweetness combined with it's sticky resinous trichome profile and berry-jelly flavored taste. This hybrid is special for sure.


Great for outdoor grows as well as indoor grows due to it's sorter flowering schedule, this plant should be kept down wind of any neighbors or authorities, as the odor that Donugs gives off is significant and funky. Heavy yields for properly grown indoor or outdoor that receives 6 or more hours of light per day make this plant one that you're sure to keep around and grow for years to come.


Grow Tip: An extra dose of P&K between weeks 4 and 5 will give you another 5% yield when growing Cannoli, we've found in testing.

Donugs (Blue Magoo x Alphakronik)