Alphakronik Genes Cosmos (Frank's Gift x Stephen Hawking Kush)


Hybrid Name: Cosmos

Lineage: Exodus:  Frank’s Gift x The Dawgfather

Flowering Time:  60-65 Days

Indica/Sativa %: 25/75

Series:  Limited Edition

THC: 6-8%

CBD: 10--12%


Description:   Cosmos by Alphakronik Genes was bred at the request of the families in the Applegate region of Oregon to help get Frank’s Gift to the masses that needed it. By combing the unique CBD profile and flavor of the Cosmos with the structure, thiol content, and aroma of the Dawgfather male plant. Abover average yields of sticky and stinky CBD laden flowers are to be expected.  Not recommended for rooms or grows where odor is a concern.  


Lime green flowers sparkling from heavy trichome production is what growers can expect coming in the form of plants that exceedingly like training and manipulation by the grower.  Needing staking to support her heavier than average flowers will come in handy for growers, as will pruning lower branches to and thinning upper water leafs to help allow for better light penetration when grown indoors.

Cosmos (Frank's Gift x The Dawgfather) 10 Seeds