Name: Coffee Cake

Lineage: Pre-98 Bubba Kush x Alphakronik (Dogbud “Chem D” x Dawgfather)

Collection: Le Patisserie Serie

Release Date: March 2019

Indica/Sativa Ratio: 60/40

Photo-period: 7-8 Weeks

THC: 25%+

Aroma: Coffee, Fuel, Hash, Garlic, Cream

Flavor: Earth, Fuel, Coffee, Spice

Feminized: No

Auto-Flower: No

Cloneable: Yes


Description: Coffee Cake by Alphakronik Genetics is one of the stoniest hybrids AKG has made to date. Fat, trichome covered flowers loaded with Myrcene and enough Thiols to make it stand out over the aroma of almost everything we've found in the gardens Alphakronik Genetics tested it in. Dark-Roasted coffee and cream notes waft throughout the room when smoked, with a heavy sedated feeling and couch-lock being the two most reported effects after using Coffee Cake. This one is not a day-time use profile unless you're a very experienced user. Stall spears stretch 1-1.25x from the flowering point, with large fan leaves that need cut back in the first few weeks of flower to promote light penetration.


Grow Tip: Due to the stretch of this plant, we recommend topping 3-4 times during the vegetative stage to maximize yield.

Coffee Cake (Pre-98 Bubba Kush x Alphakronik)