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Hybrid Name: Rip City Purps

Lineage: Exodus:  Purple Urkle x Gobbstopper

Flowering Time:  50-55 Days

Indica/Sativa %: 80/20

Release Date:  7-1-15

Series:  Pacific Northwest Series

THC: 23.4%

CBD: .2

Description:  Rip City Purps is an ode to the great city that Alphakronik Genes got their start in.  While it can be seen as a Purple Urkle BX, AKG decided that the Portland, Oregon region deserved a line dedicated to the growers and patients who have made PDX the place it is today.  Preserving the traits that are loved by many in the Purple Urkle, while increasing the yield, speeding up the veg time, and deepening its flavors was the initial goal in this hybrid.  What became of it was more than expected.  The colors darkened, the new floral flavors come through, and the structure was strengthened.  Cooler growing conditions increase these traits.

Rip City Purps (Purple Urkle x Gobbstopper) 10 Seeds