Hybrid Name: Cheshire Kush

Lineage: Exodus:  Las Vegas Purple Kush  x Gobbstopper

Flowering Time:  55-60 Days

Indica/Sativa %: 99% Indica

Release Date:  7-1-15

Series:  Wonderland Series

THC: 22.1%

CBD: .5

Description:   The Wonderland Series is a selection of hybrids we made from our favorite mother plants pollinated with our select Gobbstopper male.  Although we made a total of 24 hybrids, only 5 were good enough to be considered for the Wonderland line.  The intent and purpose of this series was to use a male we knew would highlight the mother’s best traits while adding some unique coloring variation and flavor.  What resulted was a series of hybrids that grow and taste like mom, with a bit more purple tacked on, and extra sweetness from the Purple Urkle linage in the Gobbstopper line. 

Cheshire Kush was made for the extractors.  This plant stacks on the trichomes when grown right and makes some of the best BHO/PHO we’ve had to date.  Thick, hashy flavors combined with grapey sweetness make for some of the best extract we’ve ever had.  By hybridizing the Gobbstopper with the LVPK, we upped the yield on the LVPK quite a bit while adding girth to the overall structure and side branching.  Yields range from 1.15-1.25oz/gallon of soil when optimally grown.

The Wonderland Series was not tested for medical efficacy.  It is Alphakronik Genes’ first recreational inspired cannabis line released in the company’s history.



Cheshire Kush (Las Vegas Puple Kush x Gobbstopper) 10 Seeds