Hybrid Name: Chembo Kush

Lineage: Chemdawg D x Kimbo Kush

Flowering Time:  65-70

Release Date:  9-12-16

Series:  Limited Edition

THC: 22-28%

Description:   Chembo Kush is a one-off, custom hybrid that Alphakronik Genes created in 2014 and have been testing and growing for over 2 years.  Wanting to bring a new flavor profile to an already heavy producing plant in the Kimbo Kush, we have now created a commercially viable, medical cannabis hybrid that grows large, heavy yields of flowers with the acrid, and garlic/fuel like flavor and aroma that the Chemdawg D has become so famous for.  Expect extremely heavy yields that require staking and tying throughout the flower cycle to maintain plant health.  Conical flowers are consistent through the tops, with lowers being golf ball sized. 


Chembo Kush (Chemdawg D x Exotic Genetics' Kimbo Kush) 10 Seeds