Hybrid Name: Alphakronik

Filial Generation: F2

Lineage: Exodus: Alphakronik x Alphakronik (Dogbud “Chem D” x Dawgfather (Chem D x Sin City Kush (Las Vegas Purple Kush x Snowdog BX)))

Flowering Time: 70 Days

Indica/Sativa %: 60/40

Release Date: November 2018

Series: Limited Edition

THC: 25-31%


Description: Alphakronik F2 is an accumulation of 5 years of long work and patience. Through a selection process completed in Washington State over a 2 year period, we selected the original Alphakronik F1 parental breeding stock out of 2200 individual seedlings not only for the potency, but for their aroma and flavor. Alphakronik F2 not only meets the bar set before it by it's parents, but far exceeds anything we could have expected. Intense aromas and flavors of garlic, gasoline, tennis balls, onion, and fermented urine make Alphakronik the loudest and most stank plant Alphakronik Genetics has ever produced It not only has been shown to out stink every OG plant Alphakronik Genetics has in our stable, but it is noticeably stinkier and more potent than the original breeding stock for the project, the Oregon Dogbud Chemdog D phenotype cutting from the Chemdog Family. While it took years to complete the project and get things stable and just right, we are extremely happy with the result and know you will be too.


Not as finicky as the Chem D, Alphakronik doesn't require all the extra nutrients during flower and is shorter and a bit of a bush. Top early in veg to maximize tops, but allow them to grow 3-4 nodes each prior to flower to maximize yield and efficiency.


A huge thank you needs to go out to the Chemdog Family for finding and preserving the original breeding stock. Without the efforts of PBud Mike, Chemdog, and the rest of their team, Oregon Dogbud might have been lost forever. Anyone who smokes Cannabis today owes them a debt of gratitude. #DogNotDawg

Alphakronik F2