Hybrid Name: Alchaka

Lineage: Alphakronik (Dogbud “Chem D” x Dawgfather) x Stephen Hawking Kush

Collection: Force Series

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Release Date: Feb. 2019

CBD: 10-12%

THC: 10-15%


Description: The Alchaka meditations were a rigorous series of highly personal, highly repetitive exercises using both physical and Force skills. Consisting of a high number of repetitions performed in complex positions and dizzying movements spaced between the positions, completing the meditations correctly typically left the practitioner on the brink of exhaustion. The purpose of the Alchaka technique was to clear the mind and attune the body to the strength of the Force, and was considered an advanced form of Moving Meditation.


The Alchaka project was initiated as a test to see if we could produce a CBD+ hybrid that would blur the worlds between highly effective medicinal plants and recreation cannabis flavors and strength. The result was a perfect blend between classic gas/”chem” flavor and CBD+ cannabinoid profiles. With mid-sized bushy plants creating conical cola flowers and lots of dense secondary flowers, Alchaka is a very good producing hybrid while also being easy to grow and harvest, with extraction of it's medicine being both extremely potent and flavorful. Sweet cherry and eucalyptus flavors tease the senses while the more full rounded notes of gasoline, rubber and skunk dominate the profile. Once you harvest, process the flowers as quickly as possible to retain the most Thiols possible, as these are the first flavonoids to oxidize.

Alchaka (Alphakronik x Dawgfather) x Stephen Hawking Kush