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Alphakronik Genetics - The World's Foremost Supplier of Fine and Rare Pre-Cannabis Seeds.

Whether you are supplying your legal cannabis business or just growing for yourself in your own home, genetics are the most important factor in your grow, and Alphakronik Genes is there to help you produce the best quality Cannabis flower and extract you can. From Indica to Sativa, THC to CBD, we have something for every grower. Take a look, and we're sure you'll agree, there is no better breeding team in the cannabis industry than Alphakronik Genes.


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One of the widest selections of any breeding house on Earth, all in one place.

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Who We Are & What We Do:

Located in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon, Alphakronik Genes is dedicated to creating the highest quality, best tasting, most aromatic and potent  Pre-Cannabis Hemp seed, clean and resilient clones and tissue cultures, potent and viable male pollen, and feminized seed offering in the cannabis industry. No other Bio Science team is able to offer the vast spectrum of Pre-Cannabis Hemp genetics that Alphakronik Genetics can, and we have the awards, history, provenance, and customer testimonials spanning over 12 years to prove it.


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